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Our AI-powered Sales Avatar helps you discover contacts, have follow-up conversations and generate Leads for Sales

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Generate Quality Leads With Artificial Intelligence

Discover Contacts Matching Your Criteria With Your AI-Avatar

Your Sales Avatar uses personas defined in SalesboxAI to discover look a like contacts and add to your List. After discovery each contact is enriched, verified and validated before it shows up in your Account.

Engage With The Right Person At The Right Time

Your Sales Avatar will engage in conversations with each contact over multiple channels based on factors like past behavior, day of the week, time of the day.

Omni-Channel For Higher Customer Attention And Retention

Your AI-powered Sales Avatar is available 24/7 engaging across channels like email, web, chat, messenger, telegram, echo, twitter, text and call. It can engage prospects and customers in meaningful conversations on the channels they prefer. This allows you to give customers unique, individualized experiences every time they connect with your brand.

Generate High Quality Leads

Engage in Sales Conversations with all your inbound and outbound Leads to qualify and convert into high quality leads. Consider the amount of time and effort your sales team spends chasing and talking to prospects who are not interested. SalesboxAI can help you generate Sales Ready Opportunities for your Sales Team.

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 All Together The Best Sales Automation Tool For Sales People
Generate Contacts
Generate quality contacts matching your criteria
Lead Tracking
Manage and track your prospects and convert them to leads
Smart Lead Segmentation
Segment your leads according to the possibility to convert
Sales Alerts
Get alerts on every change in your lead

Lead Nurturing
Nurture your contacts and convert them to hot leads
Deliver Quality Leads
Assign quality leads to sales team and increase productivity
Easy Lead Distribution
Assign leads to relevant sales people automatically
On Time Reports
Deliver information and reports on-demand and per schedule

Start Accelerating Your Sales Today

Generate contacts matching your criteria and identify perfect customers from that. With your AI-Avatar prospect and nurture contacts that have intent to buy and get Sales Alerts once the lead is ready. Experiencing AI Avatar is just one touch away from you.

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SalesboxAI is the smartest way to acquire customers based on the defined persona and follow-up them in an automated and scalable way. Get started with your free contacts.